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Google Tasks

posted Jul 20, 2010, 5:09 PM by Onno Benschop
There is no standard task list that uses Google Tasks on the HTC Desire. Initially I used SSI gTasks ToDo.

SSI gTasks ToDo is an application that works really well and I would have continued to use it were it not for two problems. It is a time-limited trial. After x days it stops auto-syncing and requires you to manually sync your tasks. In order to tell you that it no longer auto-syncs it devotes too much screen space to telling you to buy the paid up version. The second problem is that you cannot buy this app from the market. You can buy it externally, but the user notes in that process don't give me as an end-user any level of confidence and I don't particularly want to start buying things willy-nilly on my phone. I would have purchased this app and was ready to hand over my money, but got stopped dead in my tracks by this limitation. As an aside, it doesn't (yet) support indenting tasks.

by Dato

I am currently using GTasks. It works like SSI gTasks ToDo, but the user interface is slightly different. I'm not yet sure if I like this interface as much, but it auto-syncs, supports indents and at this time does not seem to be hobbled or time-limited.